Thursday, January 06, 2011

oh, infamous tights.
tights, tights, i love you so. every where i go, when i see you, i am drawn to you. however, once i purchase you, you tend to be a royal pain in my ass. if i don't jack you up just removing your packaging & such, i tend to scar you whilst pulling you on. if i make it through an entire day without destroying you it's a bloody miracle. why can't you be stronger? more resilient? the pair i just wore on NYE were slaughtered by my sequin trench that night. RIP american apparel opaque shimmer tights.
this very a.m. i threw a mini-fit getting these babies
on. note: glitter nail polish and lacy tights are sworn enemies. my sparkling toes were doing their best to wreck you. i almost threw in the towel. because, romantic and lovely, whispery periwinkle tights, i covet you a bit too much. and had you gotten injured in the process of putting you on, i might have gone into a fit a rage. thankfully, you came out unscathed. but it's still early. i kind of can't stand how much i adore the way the florescent pink elastic band at the waist (betsey johnson, you are love) of these particular brats contrasts with the soft, pale blue hue. you really are fabulous. Nevertheless, you irk me.
Loveys, do you get in fights with your tights?
p.s. here's how i wore them.
truly, i do love them. and we all know love takes work.
dress, "ancient" forever 21.
sweater, free people.(trying not to wear it everyday)
boots, steve madden.
i sold my left arm in service fees.
but oh well,
am seeing cut copy, chemical bros,
erasure, royksopp, empire of the sun,
holy ghost, !!!, simian mobile disco, CSS, chromeo,
etc., etc. in miami in march! #YAY.

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