Tuesday, April 06, 2010

just saw a place to bury strangers for the second time on sunday at back booth in orlando. was my 1st time at back booth. hmm. bartenders are grouches. venue is small. this caused my pulse to race. knowing no matter where we ended up in the room, we were CLOSE. despite three days of ringing ears post the nyu show last year, i skipped earplugs. song one (ego death), i wondered why i'd skipped earplugs. post song one, i felt ok with my decision. they were simply not as loud as new york.
next realization, that was not their bassist. additional observation: vocals were hardly audible. despite these things, a place to bury strangers captivated for a (way too quick) 10-song set. MASSIVE walls of sound slashed through smoke & lights that could have caused ian curtis style fits. it's thick. you become entranced. you find yourself in awe of oliver ackermann's (singer/guitarist) relentless energy. 
the room kind of explodes for a minute. chords glow. pedals are kicked and flicked. atmosphere is like a frenetic dream and well, it rules. after the show i managed to open my sassy mouth & whine about not being able to hear  vocals, directly to ackermann. "great show, i couldn't hear you though." he was gracious. he smiled. he said sorry. i still love them. check out vids below. i so wonder what you'll think... 
love, sunlovey

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