Thursday, April 15, 2010

OMG. Yeah. I mean it. They're popping up like wild flowers everywhere and I must say I'm in, to the point of expletives. 
BLOOM ON B!TCHES. make it your own.
Headband: Forever 21
Silk exposed zip top: Yep, Forever 21 too
Pale pink ruffle skirt: Target
Finding it a bit too frilly & femme?
Oh girl. Toss on a military inspired jacket. 
Done. Shut up.
You remember my recently acquired Zara shoes, yes? But check out my garden-inspired H&M shades. LOVE.

Have been noting fashion (or is it beauty?) word, re: the side braid. Gave it a go too. Um, OK. Not bad.
Moral of this post's story though is, POPPING BLOOMS RULE.Get on it. Eff yeah. :-)

And watch, if you want to truly experience my fave band of the entire planet, The Cure: Triology. Mind-blowing beautiful, atmospheric sound that transcends all. Bass lines that make my eyes roll back in my head. This isn't a new DVD. But for some reason I just watched the 1st disc last night. Trilogy consists of The Cure playing their albums Pornography, Disintegration and Blood Flowers, all songs, in the order as they appear on each album. Mad good. The German actually ragged on me last night because I just stood there, directly in front of the TV like I was there, live watching. Filmed in Berlin. Quite cool. Check it out. Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


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