Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's pretty damned girly
 to say i go utterly mad for a beautiful voice or that i'm moved by a romantic refrain like "no one is ever gonna love you more than i do." but this voice i speak of, it's angelic. and emotional. clear and innocent. unaffected. and that same song boasts lyrics like "It's looking like a limb torn off, or altogether just taken apart. we're reeling through an endless fall, we are the ever-living ghost of what once was"and damn it, love gets like that too. there are songs that begin so gently and boarder line lull-me-to-sleep like but then they KICK IN and your entire soul is shaken to life in a way it doesn't get to get shaken too too often. i speak of BAND OF HORSES. and i saw them for the second time last night at the fillmore in miami beach. (first show was at a skate park in tampa two years ago)this is my second show in one week that consists of a band i dig, but haven't been giving proper love to lately. but in each case, i've gotten to said show, let myself open up to the sound and walked away buzzing. press play and feel it for yourself, kids. this song does it for me. don't give up. let it play out. then reap the raw emotional reward. THE FUNERAL:

granted live, it blows up bigger. it stuns, really. ask @kris_1. we were both shaking our heads. feel how a love song really should feel, real. NO ONE'S GONNA LOVE YOU:

my first run in with band of horses was IS THERE A GHOST. i heard it and got surreal chills. i got blind sided by it's eerie, understated lyrics, by the way it grew into something so melodic, so right. 

look, i don't do country (don't do hippies or beards so much either, aside from BEAR IN HEAVEN). and at times, band of horses dabbles in some serious twang. but the boys are proud carolina people and i respect that. and i don't get to dive so deep, so often into core-tapping, emotion-rocking rawness, like i do with their sound. so as i said in a tweet last night during their set: 
you leave sounds behind for a bit, but when you return to them the embrace is sick, massive, warm.


  1. Hector8:13 PM

    Awesome band...glad you enjoyed the show. Keep the reviews coming.

  2. :-) i'm out of shows to go to at the moment. must remedy A*S*A*P.


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