Wednesday, April 21, 2010

splashy summer soirees 
suddenly my eyes, heart & soul are drawn to all things BRIGHT, DAY-GLO VIVID SATURATED & SPLASHY.  which is why i had no control over clicking "purchase" when i spotted these Report Signature platforms on @Rue_La_La monday. in other realms,  
a #SunloveySummerSplashMix is forming. this is what exists on it so far. all sounds make for sparkling days waterside. this mix will grow. these sounds shimmer & shine for me right now in a big way and are certain to shape my soundtrack of the sultry months to come.  brace yourself, these sounds WILL cause heart palpitations.
Wait For Me - Moby (Zodiac Cartel Remix)

All Summer In A Day - VHS Or Beta (Turbotito Remix)

Paper Romance - Groove Armada (Classixx Remix)

Beaches & Friends - French Horn Rebellion vs. Database (Hey Champ Remix)

USA Boys - Health

Hosting my 1st pool party of the year this weekend. don't doubt i'll be playing the heck out of these tracks. check out my new killer adirondack chairs, crap photo but you get the gist. stay tuned for photos of me sitting in the blue one sipping something sparkling. 

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