Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's been a whirlwind string of days here. mad sorry for my absence. monday night i trekked up to orlando for 
the dead weather.
let it be known, i forced this show upon myself. truly haven't been in the frame of mind for their sound but i respect jack white (predominently on drums in this band) madly and adore the living daylights out of the kills' alison mosshart. so you know, i had to go, feeling them lately or not. verdict: bloody well worth it. i needed that. what a rocking romp. that room was throbbing. their sound was LOUD and HARD and PENETRATING. the chemistry between jack & alison alone is scandalous. but every working piece of the band comes together to create electrically charged sparks you really can't fathom unless you're amidst it. what i'm saying is, get to their show. 
gushing tweets from that night:
They're back for more burning brilliance. GOD.

Can't tell you the last time I've been this jealous of a girl. Hot damn she rules.
But I'm trying. via txt

Can't explain flaming energy. via txt 

Jack just said "oh I know its good." Was hot. via txt

Still dying from bad a$$ overload #thedeadweather #music via txt 

I'm mad for this show. Th eneregy is fiery hot. #thedeadweather #music via mobile web 

Alison is wearing the skinniest skinny jeans. Leopard jacket. Mad black hair. #fashion #music via tx

OMG joan jett look way out. via txt

but back to alison. never ever ever ever in my life have i been so blown away by a female. her hoarse, yet commanding voice, her spidery long legs, her manic black hair, her eradic moves. did i mention her cheek bones? the way she rules a guitar? i'm admitting a freaking girl crush here. standing by it. must wrap this rant up. so yeah, the dead weather is a strong force. they turned a girl on a massive electronic wave into a devout believer in sounds that rock again. i know. it's crazy. but it's so right.  
remaining shows for now:
04.28.2010Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN - w/ The EttesTickets
04.30.2010Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater, Austin, TX - w/ The EttesTickets
05.01.2010House of Blues, Houston, TX - w/ The EttesTickets
05.02.2010New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LATickets
06.12.2010Bonnaroo, Manchester, TNTickets
06.26.2010Glastonbury Festival, Shepton Mallet, UKTickets

playing near you? don't you dare miss.
 p.s. i NEED a leopard cardie NOW.

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