Wednesday, April 07, 2010

in the most unlikely places 
Orlando. Run of the mill corporate hotel on the "wrong side" of I4. Waiting impatiently, for a cab to the right side. (I wanted to walk, that got vetoed.) Cab's taking ages, when a big, fluffy fuchsia dress back inside the hotel catches my eye, if I squint, I can see fashiony art on the walls behind it. "I'm going back in." Mad glad I did. Snapped these hurried photos with my phone all before the cab came. The first, is a "ruched" strapless dress made of paper exploding with gorgeous gigantic paper blooms. I LOVED IT. The subsequent photos are all well, quite cool for a corporate hotel hallway exhibit. I suppose my point is, look around. Don't stand still. Constantly seek out things that interest you. Every single minute of your life can be utilized. And, there's fashion EVERYWHERE. And then our ride rolled up...


p.s. intrigued? in orlando yourself? this strange little exhibit can be found here:
Orlando Marriott Downtown
400 West Livingston Street
Orlando, FL 32801

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