Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what you eat...
is what you are...! 
so yeah, I'm a vegetarian tostada. mad easy. five minutes tops. switch out or add whatever you would like to, to make them your own.  
*get your hands on pre-made tostada shells.
*round up a nice ripe haas avocado, cube it
*you'll need refried beans, mine are refried black beans
*a ripe tomato, chopped small
*lettuce of your choice, shredded
*cheese of your choice, grated
*your fave sour cream
**wish i'd had, fresh jalapeño, next time...

layer refried black beans onto the tostada shells & toast in your toaster oven for a bit, then add cheese, toasted further, until cheese melted, then add all else, ta da! easy. healthy. vegetarian. provided you don't add any poor dead animals. ;-)
to drink? a michelada of course.
* fave mexican cerveza
*fresh lime juice
*fave hot sauce
*fresh ground black pepper
*course salt

salt the rim of your glass if you want, add ice. poor beer over ice, add the rest to taste, garnish with a lime wedge & well, see if your eyes roll back in your head with spicy delight OR if you feel like spitting. this isn't for everyone. frankly, i love it. thanks @kris_1 for suggesting i order one at rocco's tacos a while back.



  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this looks amazing. Will make for the fiance this weekend when he visits. Love this recipe, and love you!

  2. I can make variations of your tostada recipe now... sans taco shell, of course, so it's more like a salad with beans, no cheese, no sour cream. Not as fun, but still tasty and that's cool. Just want to point out in Austin, the Michelada is sans ice and quite, quite nice! At some places, the rim is salted, others nothing at all. However, all variations are delish.

  3. can't wait 'til you can have tostada shells & micheladas again kris_1! hithaonthego, i love you too little girl!


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