Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hola friends.
I've got Alice-itis. Seems I'm not the only one smitten with the latest Burton flick, however my love runs deeper than the fantastical escape that wonderland is, alone. It hovers and revolves around the FASHION involved. So many spectacular fashion scenes. The initial engagement party, a sea of frilly pastel confections. The way in which Alice's original blue frock (quite lovely) transforms into something sultry and voluminous amidst lots of shrinking and growing. Becomes something entirely new & delightful thanks to the Mad Hatter, his strapless corsage creation made me gasp, i'm not joking... changes once again upon arriving at the Queen of Hearts' castle (although red, not blue, still, WOW!).
The next mind-blowing fashion moment? Alice's arrival at the White Queen's abode, a beautiful winter white-attired lace and ruffled court. Delicious. Then, Alice is suddenly clad in an Asian-inspired tunic & pants in the palest of shades. A somewhat strange look in the film, but lovely still. Next up, there's some nicely fitting metallic armor involved & lastly a gorgeous pale blue coat. LOVE. Bravo to costume designer, Colleen Atwood. Am hooked. I want it all. Someone roll these icy blue looks out, please. If you find images online of Alice's other looks I beg you to send them my way. Am fully obsessed.
Seems the retail world KNEW loveys like moi would be. Note all the Alice in Wonderland wares that ARE out there... nail polish, organic shampoo, prom dresses? However, all i wish for is every single look Alice wore.



  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    you are so awesome and I am so ready to see and covet. bravo. ajtietjen

  2. Time Out New York has an article this week about the make-up in the movie:


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