Monday, March 01, 2010

have fallen for it. Pantha du Prince
Here's Stick to my side...

Am gonna be honest, after seeing Animal Collective live last year, I've been weary of projects involving Animal Collective & all members of. Really not fair. The live show wasn't bad, it just got old. And we left early. Something I have NEVER EVER EVER done. Something that has shocked the minds of those i've confided this info to, prior to broadcasting it here. I say a lot of this tongue in cheek. 

But yeah, I hear Panda Bear involvement & I'm like, hmmm, perhaps I'll pass. But this sh!t on the whole is a gorgeous, dreamy journey that I find myself grooving to blissfully. Have to be grateful Noah Lennox participated or I probably wouldn't have encountered this ambient German sound. Listen. Listen a couple times. Listen with headphones. Listen loud in the privacy of your vehicle. Do your eyes roll back in your head a little bit? No? What's wrong with you? Heh heh.

Pantha du Prince's LP, Black Noise is out already if you dig what you hear above. Not sure, hear the whole thing at the top right of Pitchfork's review of Black Noise
Tomorrow am going to blog on & on about shoes & socks. Nope not a band, the real deal.

Hope your weekends ruled.


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