Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i've been falling hard for ethereal, diaphanous, floaty sheer spring confections if you haven't noticed. seriously, if you haven't, you need to venture backwards in my blog and catch up. and like that, it dawned on me today, that there had been a clash of #musickismet & #fashionkismet in my world as of late i hadn't noticed. huh?...
because yesterday i was lost in "recently added", yeah, that section of my ipod/itunes full of relatively new (to my library) music, thinking, i'm going to toss together a little mix, burn it to a CD and see who of you really wishes to have it. ANYONE? the mix is called Stay Floating, which can be understood in two ways. it can allude to the style of music, much of which has recently been coined chill wave, basically sound with dreamy fab beats. or, it can allude to something a bit more serious. like stay above water, don't sink, don't drown. 

nevertheless, i snapped photos with my phone of my fave fashion story in the most recent vogue mag, April 2010 to be specific, maybe two days ago, for a blog post. then today, i took photos of the CD mentioned above and DAMN. noticed the other photos,  & the fashion story's called FLOAT ON. no joke. 
i knew if i dug around a bit, shopped my own closet, i'd find dreamy chiffon pieces, layers of sheer frothy silk and lace and such. so i dug deep. and i ran into this, not pastel and icing like, but...

yeah, still floaty...
am thinking i really NEED floaty as of late. and thus am gravitating to it in both fashion & sound. but what's the rest of the world's excuse? the same? so yeah, the mix. it was put together impulsively. it represents some major faves that will stick with me 'til the end and some sound that's just super fresh and infectious for now. 

i'm going to go out on a bit of a limb here and say, i'll send the CD out to the person that most convinces me they too could use some help floating... 
featuring: gorillaz, the hundred in the hands, ariel pink's haunted graffiti, jj, memory tapes, the sight below, neon indian, broken bells, foals, pantha du prince, pop glow, bear in heaven & caribou

leave a comment HERE. on this blog. i've been told that's not the easiest thing. you might have to register as a follower, or sign in via some other site like yahoo or google or facebook, but if you want new music, figure it out. comment.
ready go.
and remember


  1. I could use some help floating b/c I have extra people in me!

  2. Makes me think of "Float On"
    "Alright don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy.
    We'll all float on...alright. Already we'll all float on."

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I want a copy of that CD, missy!

  4. I'll tell you why I need that CD, because I get where you're coming from - ALWAYS and FOREVER. And I live for sunlovey mixes, they are always on spot with how I'm feeling. I too am digging those ethereal looks that appear to feel so light they take the weight off of the every day things that are too heavy to deal with. The final reason why I believe I deserve the CD is I NEVER have time to stay connected to the people I care about most and if I pop in a CD, I'm only a beautiful sound away... XOXO

  5. point definitely taken kris_1. jess, also quite valid. vanessa, the german is the modest mouse fan, hitha, maybe for your wedding? ;-)


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