Tuesday, March 23, 2010

wait for it toPOP

watch itGLOW
You gotta show up to GLOW UP.
Fortunately for you, somewhat, I took video amidst dancing my bum off to    POP GLOW last Thursday. Thus the agitated nature of much of my footage. I found myself way close to a mega speaker, so there's some blaring. But kids, CALLING ALL GLOW KIDS EVERYWHERE, this is the band I blogged about back in mid December. And, they've come a long way baby. Feeeeel it? Respectable Street certainly did. As did The Vagabond, Miami (scroll down, stare center, for photos). Your next chance to catch Ronnie, Josh, Aaron & Ian glow the place up? THIS WEEKEND. WHERE: Total Bummer in Gainesville, FL. 

(glowing myself, with two of my sparkling sisters)

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