Wednesday, February 24, 2010

that said. as i tossed & turned last night, at least i sorted out what i'd wear today. and it worked. i felt awesome. not like "man oh man i'm amazing and i rock" but more, "this is so me. i'm comfortable. AND every damned thing i have on rules my world." that's a brilliant feeling. and it set the tone for my day. do you hear me, there's something to this. if you love what you're wearing, you are on your way to loving your day. 
shall we get to the details? 
my rachel rachel roy tunic is the center of the universe. it's so right, length wise, in the most delicious knit, in such an insanely vivid hue with an exotic undertone and a rocker edge. J'ADORE.
the leggings, you ask? they are @boston_proper & people, they fit like no other leggings i've ever tried on. first & foremost, they're thick. but they're also soft, and further, they ROCK. that exposed zip at the leg, it slays me. so so right. was hesitant to order. mad glad i did. 
the accessories... well, they happen to be bracelets i scored at bebe
they worked crazy well with all else. and there's something about wearing a ton of stretchy bracelets at once. love.

so yeah. what else? how about joan jett & the blackhearts playing a local charity event for animals. that too rocks.details? CLICK HERE. i think this is a fine time to say be there or be square. also, made the decision to go to orlando next month to check out bear in heaven play live. their recent album is one of my faves as of late. won't pass up seeing good music live when good bands grace florida with their presence. three hour drive, worth it in my book. check them out if you haven't already. promise?

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