Tuesday, February 02, 2010

happiness is... still being in love with a dress you bought in paris when you were 17. c'est moi, today!
some shop your closet experiences are so sublime. this morning was one such case.

obtained on a family trip to the city of lights, circa hmmm? 1992ish, my dark heather grey knit sheath with cool seam accenting, a V-neck and V-back appeared to me amidst a crammed and jammed pack rack of dresses in my closet like a hidden treasure. i put it on and in a mad dash to get out the door asap for an 8:30 on the dot meeting. accessorized it with a trio of necklaces that happened to hang together on the little table i hang all of my long necklaces on.

i loved the way in which the two necklaces that featured faceted jet and various other medallions and trinkets looked with my long double strand chain and rhinestone necklace. paired so awesomely to the stud and rhinestone snap cuff i got in jax whilst visiting heathy.

fact is, donating clothes you rarely wear is smart and good and green, but holding onto the occasional piece because you have a gut instinct about the great future you and it might have together forever is a sort of #fashionkismet.

today i streamed yeasayer's soon to be released album odd blood on myspace. i found myself perking up upon hearing O.N.E. and Ambling Alp, not sure how this bodes for the remainder of the album, upon 1st listen, it didn't move mountains or part seas for me. let's see.

i did however, listen to ou est le swimming pool's dance the way i feel something like five times. yes, it's love.

also. bought tix to hercules and love affair's DJ set at the vagabond in miami this saturday.
+learned that the dead weather will be playing a show in orlando on april 26th. (the dead weather features rulin' artists like jack white of the white stripes & raconteurs and alison mosshart of the kills JUST IN CASE you weren't sure.)

seems orlando's the place to be as of late when it comes to sounds i like actually hitting FL. i.e. a place to bury strangers' show there, april 4th.

considering this is the second time i've written tonight's post, I'M OUT. (yep, round one deleted itself 40 minutes in).


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