Monday, February 01, 2010

Must I remind you? Today's #MUSICMONDAY !!!
If you do nothing else I say, at least go and get yourself the Beach House Daytrotter session. Simply register on then download away. There are four free songs there for you to gobble up. I think you'll freakin' love Take Care & Used To Be. Please trust me. They're haunting, emotional and gorgeous.

Want more? Urban Outfitters continues to grace us with FIVE song downloads each week in glorious celebration of #musicmonday... Here's that.

So as I was saying, the German went to Vegas and all I got were these brilliant plaid platforms...  OMG I love them more and more as each second passes. Trimmed in studded patent leather, featuring a plaid heel and a bright pink lacquered sole, classic Betsey. Danke!
And what gets a girl through the grayest Monday ever?
Why sequins of course. Never let anyone try and convince you otherwise. Sequin covered ANYthing brings you this intense joy and high-shine edge. Merci @kris_1 for this FAB H&M cropped sequin jacket. It's so LOVE.

Oh speaking of love, CANNOT wrap my brain around it being February already. Hope you all had awesome weekends.

Remember to live in THIS MOMENT. Yes, THIS ONE.


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