Tuesday, February 09, 2010

post-mad good times in MIA (nope, not for the super bowl), imagine my shock & awe, whist driving, upon the name Miami Horror popping up on my XM & the sound related to said name, coming out of my speakers, being one i knew i must add to my ever overflowing collection of mp3s ASAP...  Miami Horror hails from Australia & boasts a nostalgic, electro wonderfulness that delights. in sometimes, i hear tinges of new order bass lines & i nearly die. thanks to umstrum.com for making that dream a reality. thank you. thank you. read more & get their track, Sometimes HERE: MIAMI HORROR - SOMETIMES (ElectroPop - Australia)
Also? More delicious fuzzy dreamy sound I can play over & over & over.

Washed Out - Belong (Music Video) from Blake Salzman on Vimeo.

That's Washed Out's Belong. Yum, right? Must confess I'm mad about all this dreamy synth pop & shoe gaze being unleashed upon us daily. Gems of sound galore. I did recently obtain the new Yeasayer & Hot Chip albums too, will try and discuss soon. + notes on a couple places in the fab city of Miami. But for now... What's better than a boyfriend blazer?
Well... a boyfriend blazer that shines. Check out my sequin blazer from Forever 21. It rules my world.
love, sunlovey

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