Monday, February 15, 2010

& my bank account is going to reflect that & i'm going to be in major trouble. but what's a girl to do that loves fashion too much, is inspired by the exotic, gravitates towards all that sparkles & just told @kris_1 yesterday that she's in desperate need of some new long, slim tunic-type pieces that work with her skinny jeans & leggings. Ray Roy's site is brimming with bold color, major drama, edgy twists & sexy indian influences. i was a gonner the moment i logged on. i pray the german will forgive me. can you put one in for me too? thanks. 
What else? BOLD over-the-top ruffles offset by an understated ballet-inspired headband, tons of jet and crystal necklaces and liquid-slim black skinny jeans.
sweater: "vintage" boston proper
necklaces: forever 21 & betsey johnson
black skinny jeans: tripp
over-the-knee boots:

 military + ruffles = so right
ATTENTION! I will never ever tire of military inspired fashion & it seems like as long as we're at war???, it keeps coming to the forefront by way of great jackets, boots, accessories & such. Ruffles lend a little romance to the look.

Jacket & shades: forever 21
Ruffle tank: Carole Little (no joke, $9.99 at TJMaxx)
Sweater vest tunic: Monarchy
Ruched leggings: cant recall
Candy: Tootsie pop

 splash blooms & bold shoulders
bright buds & blooms can be pigeon holed into spring/summer attire, unless... you add jacket + layers of chains + tights + boots as i have. splashy florals are EVERYWHERE for spring, mix it up. make it yours. Perhaps more importantly, get your hands on at least one piece of fashion with mega shoulder treatments. Could be studding, could be structured puffs, could be exaggerated padding, chains. I kid you not I am obsessed with the female shoulder. i've always seen it as a body part that will stay stunning as we age. which is why it's where i got my tattoo. so i do love the focus on the shoulder. i think it's hot.
Jacket: Bebe
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Target
Tights: high school :-)
Boots: Guess

I'm going to leave with you with glimpses at my Rachel Roy splurges. and by splurges, i SHOULD stress, i got FAB deals. just had no business BUYING MORE FASHION RIGHT NOW. aren't you dying to see how i wear these pieces? ha. I AM. SO in love...

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