Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the time has come...

i've been blogging for a couple years now... on myspace. which i've recently learned is considered the "ghetto" of the social website world. woe is myspace. that makes me sad.

what you'll find here in the future is...

blogs about fashion (am highly addicted to it, an avid shopper, damned good at scoring deals, get myself out of bed in the morning purely based upon the thought of putting on something fun, otherwise i'd STILL be in bed and i believe more is more)

blogs about music (highly addicted to THIS TOO, wow. constantly falling in love with new bands, passionately obsessed with old ones, old on my terms = late 70s/80s/early 90s, buy mp3s like there's no tomorrow on itunes, amazon, scour the web for new sounds with some aid from great sites like pitchfork and filter, attend more shows than the average 30-something can keep up with, will occasionally fly on a whim for a band, etc. etc.)

blogs about food (I LOVE IT. and i'm predominently vegetarian so my fare of choice tends to be ethnic in nature, a ridiculous passion for cheese, dangerously fond of MOST sparkling wine varietals, known to travel to countries solely to eat afforementioned ethnic cuisine where it actually comes from, etc. etc.)

blogs about travel (without fail i take one BIG trip a year and shoot for a few smaller trips sprinkled throughout the remainder of the calendar year, i can't stop, i live for purchasing airline tix, the second i'm home i'm already mapping out where i must go next and dragging the mister along, thank GOD he's willing or we'd be divorced, love collecting amazing things on said travels, can't imagine what my brain would be like {empty} if i hadn't journeyed elsewhere and often!)

and the occasional philosophical, literary rambling (majored in English, enough said).

i wish for this blog to evolve organically. i don't really care for capitalization. i totally love stream of consciousness type thought. and i'm pretty opinionated. stay tuned cookies!

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