Friday, July 24, 2009

sporadic sleep creates eclectic blogs, no?
it's friday. and friday IS for coasting. let's see where this goes...

woke up with a less exciting item of clothing in mind as far as making my day goes. it's cool, a mesh steel gray ruffles galore racer back tank that truly is the perfect length. (perfect length = long, ideal with low-rise skinny jeans) nevertheless, it's new and i like, so I DID get up! ;-)

bear with me though here, and take note of the word racer back. racer back = special bra need

now for a quick moment here, rewind to wednesday, came home to an As Seen on TV Strap Perfect™ package on my bed. from husband, thoughtful. and suddenly, very useful! Ripped open the package, pulled out a clear "strap perfect" and sought out said husband for help "installing". the deal is, this little oblong clip of sorts hooks your two bra straps together in back to instantly create a racer-back friendly bra. clear clip in place, tank top (et al) on, i was off to work.

and at work for approximately forty five minutes before i found myself in one nasty little mood. pouty, grouchy, whiney, it was ridiculous. then it dawned on me, it was because i was in PAIN. felt like i was wearing an insanely constricting perhaps infant-sized life jacket! so i tweeted! a warning of sorts to all females following me, that this product HURT! and low and behold, a fellow tweeter clued me in, you're to seriously loosen your bra straps pre-clip installation. i very quickly begged help from a co-worker, straps were loosened and my mood was instantly much improved.

a bit later chitter chatter re: where to go for lunch began and immediately i thought of a billboard i often see coming into work. Uncle Julios? was that the name? at Mizner Park? i think... searched it online and yes, it was Uncle Julios and the site was appealing. "we can try it!" said a co-working onlooker. cool. done. fast forward...

UNCLE JULIOS IS LOVELY. no matter what anyone says, when it comes to restaurants, it's natural to judge the book by its cover. upon stepping inside, this looked like a bright, cheery, fun, inviting, artistic book! oohs. ahhs. we were seated. big round table in a large open dining room. seriously, this place is large and spacious. beautiful wall colors. painted pottery. chips & salsa come. chips are the thinnest ever!!! i literally compared their thickness to an empty Splenda packet. paper thin. so crispy. yum. chipotle-rich salsa- fresh, good. addictive.

Uncle Julios has soups and appetizers per day of the week. Menu is pretty expansive. soup of the day on friday? something creamy and lobstery and shrimpy, sounded quite good! but i opted for a cheese & onion enchilada/black bean taco combo lunch (asked for taco to be vegetarian, they kindly obliged AND informed me that sauce in enchilada was meat based, and instantly offered me alternative sauces. so thoughtful.)

portions are perfect. definitely not oversized OR skimpy. flavor was big. even the rice, usually just a boring afterthought on mexican restaurant plates was totally tasty. we all loved. want to definitely go back. totally envision happy hours there. and still MUST try their guacamole. that's a must at EVERY mexican restaurant, you know? ( )

returned to office and was shortly informed that there was a pair of purple suede buckle booties i simply must see. a co-worker from our merchandising department spotted them and instantly called out "these are so Sarah Christoph" (that's me). so i went and saw. and instantly adored. knew i couldn't live without. and i also found this heavily bejeweled pale aqua (with silver Lurex® striations) tunic that was right away tossed on over my racer back tank and fawned over before a full length mirror. SCORE. YES, i score TOO much, seeing a pattern already, aren't you?

Happy Friday!

p.s. am LOVING these two music videos at the moment:

(in my humble opinion, best song off their last album AND such an imaginative video! delightful. really.)


(MAD for their sound. HIS voice & his dancing, follow up with a viewing of their Skeleton Boy video, SO creative and fun!)

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