Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Music Tuesdays... & FREE SOUNDS!

Preface: I was totally going to blog about headbands today, am wearing one (black & white patent with a smart, petite bow to the side, as shown), but decided to hold off a bit, I will do, just not today. Reason? A couple of my male friends said all the fashion talk was getting to them, making them question their masculinity. So, this one's for you, boys.

This particular blog topic is a really big deal. I'm letting you peek into my music obsessed soul. There's so much to this obsession, it's got to be broken up into a several blogs. It just has to be. It blows my brain just attempting to organize and compile all that's involved regarding how I come by music, explore what's out there, obtain albums and mp3s, etc. So stay tuned for music blog follow ups, and many of them. If ANY of these music-related blogs come across as big fat duh! no brainers, bear with me. I'm starting at the beginning. That said...

Did you know? In the vast world of music, new CDs/albums USUALLY release on Tuesdays? And that on Tuesdays, itunes generously offers up its Free Single of the Week? You really can't complain, while they do span almost all genres of sound (which inevitably means some such songs will be god awful), I have stumbled upon some insanely good artists via itune's free single.

No joke, that's where I first learned of bands/artists like Santigold AND Cut Copy (both of which i've since seen live, yep, that good!). itunes usually releases a free Discovery Download and Video each week too. this seems to be a little less consistent, but it's worth looking into weekly in the "FREE on itunes" section of their homepage. If you're not taking advantage of this effortless way to discover and GET new tunes, you're a foolish little thing. I'm sorry. Get on it.

This week's Free Single of the Week is from a band called Billy Boy on Poison (never heard of, ODD name), the song title is On My Way... The genre listed is rock. However once downloaded, it's labeled as alternative. What I find myself doing is, listening to the song once, immediately. If I hate it right off the bat, I delete it. No harm, no foul. But if I feel it just a wee little bit, i hold on to it, as with much music, it could be a grower. (grower- sound, song, artist that after several listens grows on you and becomes something you totally dig) haven't listened yet, but will, and then i'll let you know if it stays or goes. Do try and keep an open mind in this process. Do make a habit of checking out itunes weekly freebies. And lastly, Do expect MUCH more by way of music blogs. I've got loads in the pipeline.

Girls (and boys), an ode to headbands will soon follow... Happy Free Music Tuesday!

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