Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am currently experiencing the strange sensation of rogue elongated silver sequins sticking me in the butt and upper thigh. they are ornery little guys. i strive to straighten, yet every which way they go. this isn't working out the way it was supposed to. this skirt was supposed to make my day.

As of late, i've been using a unique new tactic to get myself upright (and out of bed) in the morning. i focus my thoughts on some particular item within my closet that i consider to be super cool and that lucky me gets to wear IF i get the hell up and get going.

And today it was this skirt. people it's amazing. it shines like there's no tomorrow. the length is hot. the knit waistband gives it a casual edge*. and i'm in love. for real.

forgive all this digressing but i must tell you how i came to be the proud, albeit a little injured! owner of this sparkly piece of bad ass-ness. please do not judge, a girl must do what she has to do in the name of fashion.

to make a long story short, i lost my check card weekend before last. That said, I am adament about not charging purchases related to my fashion addiction. Skirt came into my consciousness and i became desperate. i went out on a limb and IMed my college pal to buy it for me. sounds crazy, i know, but i wanted the bloody skirt. around and around we went as to why i thought i needed it. and why i thought he should get it for me. and in the end, he caved, gave me his amex info, and i experienced that blissful little euphoria one gets clicking "purchase" post adding something coveted to their shopping cart.

****i interupt this blog post to say i just purchased an insanely cool zipper flower ring and studded cuff bracelet from the awesome $5 sale at HELL YEAH****

Did I sell my soul to college friend? Hmm, not quite. I just assured him in the coming weeks I would introduce him to at least two attractive, sane, single girls. Shouldn't be THAT hard. I've got things lined up. ;-)

GOOD LORD, sorry, the original point of the above tirade is to say: if you love it, get it. where? (search stacked sequin miniskirt) how much? a mere $59 bucks. But don't say i didn't caution you, it sticks you in the thighs and butt when you sit. (it's worth it)

WARNING: if you know me personally DO NOT get silver. i'll kill you. ;-P

*by casual edge i mean, makes it cool to wear by day, keeps it from being labeled strictly a chaotic club night in south beach skirt, although trust me, it WILL live to see such nights, i promise.

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