Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Mondays (the days, not the band, although J'adore the band, I do! AND, they're touring, with psychedelic furs, check it:

OK, start over, Happy Mondays... the alarm sounds and the brain stirs to consciousness, it alerts me within seconds of the fact that it's no longer the weekend, it's go time, move. get UP!

my slower to wake/still lost in dreams right brain eventually pipes in "ah but what will you wear? c'mon left brain, let's not make this too dreadful for her." photographic memory envisions a lone item hanging above the pants "section" of my closet. IT'S PERFECT! Here's why:

Last night the husband and i went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. pre-flick we popped in Super Target for a couple things. as we zoomed through the store (husband wants IN AND OUT of target, while i could linger ALL day, it's brings me true joy.) i took note of shiny binders and folders artfully displayed on isle end-caps. BACK TO SCHOOL! i said it out loud, "i MISS back to school..."
"you know, BUYING all new supplies, clothes, shoes, for back to school each year?!"
"what did we need to get while we're here, again?"

yeah, he wasn't into the back to school conversation. fast forward, we're at the movie. previews were AMAZING. Despicable Me, 2012, Where the Wild Things Are, Sherlock Holmes... feature presentation starts, LONDON! instantly i'm soaking up street scenes, wanting to be there, noting what those in Harry Potter's England are wearing. And about ten or fifteen minutes in, Harry's Hogwarts-bound on that familiar train and get it?! He's BACK TO SCHOOL! why yes, an unintentional theme is coming into play here.

Do note that films like Harry Potter & shows like Gossip Girl stir this never-dying crested blazer obsession for me, likewise, they reinvigorate my madness for plaidness.

and coming full circle, that's why i thought "IT'S PERFECT!" first thing this morning. the lone hanging item i mentioned, it's this smart little cropped, double-breasted, ruffly plaid-trimmed jacket. haven't worn it yet and in light of the events/thoughts/musings of the last 24 hours, it's exactly what i want to be wearing.

i pair it too a long, skinny, ribbed tank in red and a gray denim mini. i feel BTS fresh. now i just need a new trapper keeper...

(the jacket, yep, again)
(what i'm listening to? Band of Horses - Cease to begin because it's been a while:

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