Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bonjour mon ami!
je suis fatigue.
but oh well. last night i finally got to catch MGMT live. two years later than i would have liked
("This is the first time we've played miami. Its pretty. The people are pretty." -Andrew VanWyngarden), and in support of an album i did not love. the hippy-esque love children of miami were out in full force. girls with faux flowers in their hair galore. when they played tracks from oracular spectacular the crowd exploded. the room danced & buzzed. when they played most of the tracks from congratulations, the room smoked pot and chatted. the graphics behind the band compounded by a mild contact high were hypnotic. thank GOD kids pulled me from that strange daze. am quite glad i did finally see them. they were brilliant live (when they were playing songs i love). ok so...

la robe
("vintage" boston proper)
(skeleton key, online crafting site. framed blooms, stitch rock 2009, chain, michaels)
des bottes
(frye, last year)
oh & am parlez-ing frances because i'm beside-myself-thrilled about tonight's phoenix show at fillmore, miami beach (wavves is opening, YAY! too). i groveled like mad for this show on twitter for days on end. sorry followers. finally, it's here.
phoenix, please play this & oh and bring daft punk with you again? ha.:

am off to boston & salem in the a.m. won't be blogging but WILL be tweeting.
look for me on twitter:

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