Wednesday, October 13, 2010

was magnetically drawn to the leggings i wore today,
they're like art—gold burnished & distressed. +they reminded me so much of many super skinny shiny pants shown at spring '11 fashion weeks across the planet.
paired them to this smart little plaid jacket
i got at a boston proper sample sale. quintessentially fall.
and am listening to:
mirrors. a moody electronic-driven band from brighton, england. that label themselves pop noir. which i effing love. they feel something like white lies. or 7th grade. perhaps even earlier, totally new wave 80s. modern english-ish? i believe they're touring with 80s loves, OMD. which is mad apropos. get their EP, 'ways to an end' (which doesn't include 'look at me' the track of theirs that originally attracted me.) on itunes if you feel melodic retro synths and drum machine beats. listen loud and dance like you did back then, or only wish you had.


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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    mirrors are awesome!


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