Tuesday, October 12, 2010

elements of high fashion. chandeliers & sparkle.
furry sesame street-ish where the wild things are-ish creatures loomed.
a runway of jeweltone misfits and fantasy beings.
sequins of every hue in the color spectrum.
an enormous, arresting sphere of exotic pattern, texture, design & color conjured india, mexico, morocco...
life-size polar bears crafted from GAP & J. Crew sweaters.
a vivid sweater-knit parade of animals.
towering furry beasts of stripes and dots you couldn't help but imagine coming to life. shivers.
buttons upon buttons against sparkling brocade.
our very 1st impression. instant awe & delight.
i have been to the norton gallery in west palm beach more times than i could possibly remember. i have been enthralled and enlightened time and again. i have appreciated very much the way in which it attracts avant garde exhibits and leans towards the eclectic and vibrant in such a relatively small city. iris apfel & chihuly come to mind immediately. but today. i experienced art on an emotional level previously only experienced by travel and music in my life thus far. upon just a moment's reflection i can deduce that this could entirely be because the exhibit i witnessed today combined elements of fashion, music and travel in an explosively vivid and dreamlike way. it tapped into childhood imagery and even touched on fear. everything else in this seriously exquisite gallery paled in comparison.
hear me. if you ever happen upon the opportunity to experience the brilliance that is nick cave's sound suits. DO IT. drop everything and DO IT. if you live in chicago, considering he attended school there and from what i understand, teaches there, seek his work out, NOW.
the photos i wasn't supposed to even snap do not do his collection any form of justice. the walls of film documenting people wearing his art to rhythmic beats only enhances the multi-sensory effect. can you believe people get to WEAR these things? BECOME these things? DANCE in these things? i. am. so. inspired.
WOW. bloody WOW.

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