Wednesday, November 03, 2010

november? is that you?
november has crept up upon us once again, this time, perhaps more sneakily than ever, ever before. autumn months make me so reflective. which is why i think i've latched on to wild nothing's golden haze out of nowhere. get it here, it's quietly beautiful:
Wild Nothing - Golden Haze
perhaps you're wondering "why the photo of the dark crystal's kira on your post?" well. i insisted upon wearing a sweater-dress today despite it being stupid hot. and well, the hood of it keeps making me feeeeeeel like kira. i swear. laugh. i don't care. i can't count how many times i watched that film. my little brother & i loved it. i think he was obsessed with aughra.
i really ought to post about boston, and trust, i'll try. just wanted to make sure i communicated with you today no matter what though. i missed you.

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