Tuesday, October 05, 2010

chanel you won.
i could post -almost- the entire slide show of paris fashion week's chanel spring '11 collection here and stamp each & every slide with a big fat #LOVE but i'm refraining. the statement i loved most is the short shorts suit. that is my kind of suit, loveys. head-to-toe (check the shoes!!!) killer. elements of classic chanel, reinvented to be oh so fresh & sexy. there were a lot of inky goth confections i adored so very much too but am trying to shy away from posting a lot of black. so if that's you're thing, search chanel & enjoy. and how WOW is the voluminous & fluffy look above? pure feathery fringe drama. i closed with a more understated fringe-fantastic frock that i think i'll covet to the grave—in blue of course.
do i have amnesia or is
chanel my fave collection of all re: spring 2011?

world take note: these popping blooms are perfect.

the dreamlike look above borders on insane, but i dig.

skinny leatherette leg warmers? yes please.
love you & love chanel,

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