Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We were in & out of all three stages soaking up as much as we could. Caught some of Dam Funk, some of Kurt Vile, but not enough of either to say much of anything here. Those we did invest our time in, I talk about below.

Delorean—we rushed to Union Park to catch Delorean’s festival set, which wasn’t until 2:30PM but Friday had been a late night. Got there and to their stage with five or so minutes to spare. They came on after a cool guy from Pitchfork came on stage and told us that this was OUR festival. And that it was extremely hot out, so to take care of each other. And that they’d reduced the cost of water to $1 so people would buy it and stay hydrated. (They also had a water fountain station and Greyhound was so kind to give out large refillable water bottles.) OK so back to Delorean. Man was I glad we saw them the night before. They sounded beautiful and so right for a hot, sunny, summer day, but they definitely shine in a small venue with contained sound. Nevertheless, despite being mad hot, I danced through every single song and thought to myself how lucky I was to see them twice in 24 hours. Keyboardist continued to rock his keyboards, curly hair bouncing, loving his own sound.

#LOVE: ha. you know the answer.

Why? We made our way to the stage in the shade to catch Why? Which I found quirky and comical, grooving and strange. There were times I was totally vibing on them and others I tuned out. Nevertheless I am glad I caught them. Observation: The vocalist, Yoni Wolf had some interesting dance moves, flapping his arms like a bird you'd catch on animal planet.

#LOVE: no, i like. at times, more than others.

Wolf Parade These guys have BIG SOUND. They command the crowd. And they play well. They’re probably going to be around for a good while. I feel them despite not being the kind of music I’m currently obsessing over.

#LOVE: hmm, no, i like. but i do understand why others do.

Bear in Heaven Funny, the first thing I noticed was that Joe the drummer had shaved his beard and chopped his hair since we’d last seen them in Orlando. We got new friends we met at Delorean the night before to come check out their set and they seemed grateful that they listened to us. These guys are solid. Comical between songs and just, well, kick ass. From vocals, to synths, to drums, to bass, everything about Bear in Heaven’s sound is perfection. They entrance & you dance.

#LOVE: yeah, yeah i do. and respect, immensely.

Panda Bear Panda Bear’s (Noah Lennox) set started while Bear in Heaven was still playing. I looked back towards the stage he was on and got entranced by the killer psychedelic screens of flashing color pulsating to his music. And dashed over to his stage the second Bear in Heaven finished. I was greeted by loud, rich, textural, atmospheric awesomeness. I was a bit surprised. (Confession here: @kris_1 are guilty of leaving an Animal Collective show early due to being over it. Thus the surprise.) I felt Panda Bear far more than I’d felt Animal Collective live. I loved it. I danced.

#LOVE: i do now. hot damn. i dug that set.

LCD Soundsystem

Despite the fact that they were simply NOT loud enough, LCD was mad mad fun. The sun set and glow sticks of many colors flew through the air. The bass was deep and ground shaking. Pockets of revelers tore it up to every single beat. James Murphy’s sense of extremely wry humor is like a cherry on top of their brilliance. Gotta say, I Can Change and Someone Great were my absolute faves. Was so sad they closed with vibe-killing New York I Love You and failed to play Dance Yrself Clean though. Nevertheless it’s still love.

#LOVE: i suppose i answered that above. YES.


Bear in Heaven Lincoln Hall is a killer, state of the art venue. TOP. NOTCH. And so right for Bear in Heaven. It was hard to get to this show after the late night before and the long hot day we’d just wrapped up. But I was glad we made it. They covered a disco tune that gave me a fresh jolt of dancing energy. John Philpot's vocal’s are sublime and the drums are LOUD and precisely pulsating.

#LOVE: 'nuff said.

Tomorrow... a wrap up of Sunday @ Pitchfork.



p.s. photos above appear in order of band descriptions.

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