Tuesday, July 27, 2010

craving ultra vivid dreams
sleep is eluding me this week damn it. which is why a popping print bra dress was the obvious answer this a.m.
no thinking involved. a few moments extra morning zzz time granted.and a serious jolt of pattern & color to open my eyes. got this summery knit from VS. comes in other prints. (wore this same frock to pitchfork music festival & got snapped
by Venus Zine, check it.)
you better believe i'm still mad for my silly bandz. turns out i'm not the only person over 12 digging them either. i love how they look like neon electricity on my wrist and the fact that i can wear them in the shower, pool, ocean, whatever, no worries.
mmm, more dress candy.
this vibrant frock is on its way to me right now, from the dangerously addictive (very much like candy) dress candy boutique. the neckline is covered in brightly colored wooded bead medallions. it is so so right for summer '10. something tells me it's what i'll be wearing to ÉTÉ D'AMOUR—what's that?
some cool party (translates to summer of love) in miami at the lovely grand central, featuring france's breakbot, that i must check out. turns out this event's been blowing up paris for 10 years, and nyc for three or so? 1st time in MIAMI. i'm in.

hope this post finds you more well than me. wish me sleep please. merci beaucoups!

p.s. below: breakbot

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