Monday, July 19, 2010

Recovering from Brilliance...
Riding the train to ohare right now trying not to fall apart post one of the best music weekends I've ever had. Festivals are generally a b!tch. They're hot, sweaty, smelly, rainy, congested, chock full of crap food & expensive beers + shockingly ick porto-potties. All that aside, they're celebrations of sound shared amongst thousands, they're an opportunity to mix & mingle w/ those that share your own love for music & most importantly, they're a brilliant concentration of hours of blissful band-after-band over-stimulation.
Further, a whole foods tent purveying cherries, fresh hummus & pico de gallo = love. $5 heinekens weren't TOO ridic either. Fact is, Pitchfork music festival has left me with good, good feelings. Do stay tuned for photos and thoughts on friday's after party, saturday's festival, saturday's after party & sunday's festival recaps.

(p.s. that's washed out in the photo above)

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