Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delorean - Glasser - Light Pollution @ The Empty Bottle

Light pollution—was happy to see Light Pollution on the bill for Delorean’s show at The Empty Bottle, based upon what I’d heard previously. Their sound was good. Their demeanor, earnest. I felt them.

#LOVE: well, not quite. liked a lot will suffice. Check out: Good Feelings.

Glasser—Admittedly I was not looking forward to Glasser’s set. Not anti-Glasser by any means. Simply just not interested. Then they took the stage, Cameron started singing and there was emotional power in her every word. Music itself was thunderous and danceable. Eclectic, exotic and beat driven. FASHION NOTE: She wore a voluminous Asian inspired dress and wooden Japanese platforms. The dude in "her band" appeared to also wear a kimono of sorts. I vowed to find her after the show and tell her she was a bad ass. And indeed, I did.

#LOVE: LIVE? yes. Cameron Mesirow haunts and captivates. Check out: Apply

Delorean—Total love. The band came on stage and I felt a crazy surge of excitement. Delorean was one of the main reasons I made the trek to Chicago for Pitchfork. Learning that they were playing a club show in addition to the festival was delicious icing on the cake. Their set was energy. It was fresh, sparkling and gorgeous. It was full, joyful and atmospheric. It was sound you had no choice but to move to. I tried not to stare too much at adorable little Ikhi. The infectious dancing of keyboardist, Unai helped. Eventually I busted my way to the front of the stage to soak up their last few songs. The room was on fire. What a party! It felt like 2009 at Ultra Music Festival during Cut Copy’s set. THAT exciting. THAT blissful. THAT brilliant. Spoke to Delorean for a bit post show, thanking them for such a fun set. Asking the keyboardist how often he has to replace his equipment dancing on it so hard. Congratulating them on Spain’s World Cup win. Ordering them to come play Florida. Ha. We’ll see.

#LOVE: yes. hard. EVEN MORE. Check out: Deli.

Tomorrow? I'll fill you in on Saturday at Pitchfork Music Festival.

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