Monday, May 03, 2010

DOWNLOAD THIS. for tiga & VHS or beta, alone. then, prepare to shake your a$$.

OK, loveys, post 1st listen. Art & Anthony Moore: I need more tea. Zzzz. The Tiga track's not quite doing it for me, not bad, just not, MAJOR. However, will look further and further into Indian Jewelry. Oceans got instantly replayed with volume turned up, it's got a messy, fuzzy
shoe gazey thing going for it. mmm, i dig. Already had and love the VHS or BETA track, what fun! Au Revoir Simone's track's  cool enough? And so true.... ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY to a good, incessant thud. So with  that, happy monday!
(Dress: Forever 21, hair flower: H&M, necklace: Rachel Rachel Roy, bracelet: Armani Exchange, shoes: Forever 21.)

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