Wednesday, May 05, 2010

lonely is the new dance party.
according to the sight below's myspace page & i get it. days like today, i feel it. not in the mind frame to spew biographical stuff about this guy (Rafael Anton Irisarri)for you, what i will say is, his sound is so incredibly dream like, so sedating, so haunting, so beautiful, i drown in it, willingly. when i first heard his cover of joy division's new dawn fades a while back i died a little. who knew it could be more haunting, more atmospheric? it is. all the while having a lullaby quality that sorts out my soul. i've no concept of time, but i acquired the sight below's needle exchange, a mixtape of sorts some time ago & have found that it is so right. download it if you dig things dark. champagne has totally gone to my head so forgive if this is fragmented. my utmost point is, i just felt like talking about the sight below right now, because i revisited & felt his sound in big ways today. his album, It All Falls Apart came out like a month ago. Dig what you hear, BUY IT. The moral of my story tonight is, well... When you're not dancing, you should be reflecting. Do such to this.
And yeah, I hated my attire today. kind of hated everything. CHAMPAGNE TO THE RESCUE! & better luck tomorrow.

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