Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its getting hot in here.
it's basically summer, loveys. and it looks like crochet is what a fashionable girl wants. wore the dress above to work yesterday and got this email from WHO WHAT WEAR. felt clairvoyant. ;-) hahaha.
in other news, my realm is abuzz in animal. i don't know what it is? catering to cougars? + the aftershocks of alison mosshart shimmying and convulsing in her leopard cardie. but something provoked me to pair this animal zip jacket to ruffly lace and peep toes. felt a little 80s, a lot eclectic. 

believe it or not i've got quite a bit of pearls in my accessory arsenal. mostly faux, some freshwater, a bit of killer cultured. was thrilled to see a story in may's issue of vogue encouraging followers of fashion to layer them on. it always looks brilliant to me. not a single elegant strand, no, but all of them at once, fake, real, big, little, long short—an explosion of them. on this particular day i dabbled in that, SHOULD HAVE layered on more. next time. 

(photo 1, dress: old navy. photo 2, jacket: boston proper, skirt: forever 21. photo 3, top: boston proper, jeans: urban outfitters. pearls: too many to name.)

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