Monday, May 24, 2010

the hundred in the hands etc. +  yeah.

a few months back when i was so lucky to catch @bearinheaven play a show at will's pub in orlando i spoke at length to their drummer about their potential future tour mates. he said someone had thrown out the band "the hundred in the hands" to them and i was like "the hundred and huh?" probably like four times. felt instantly fascinated by their name alone. finally just texted 'a hundred in the hands' to myself so as not to ask him a fifth time. but only ONE song was circulating the web at that time, dressed in dresden. 

got my junkie little hands and ears on it the second i was back from O-town and really felt it—catchy, energetic, her enviable little voice. then, just yesterday i caught another song of theirs on XMU. and low and behold, today, they appear on @urbanoutfitters #musicmonday offering. that's cool (song: ghosts. verdict: yes.) check them out. +the other four tracks and thank GOD & FATE you lasted thru monday. zzz.

(felt quite Alice in Wonderland-y that day & LOVED it.)

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  1. hey lovey! I love this story and blog, it's cool the opportunities you've had to talk with some of your fav musicians... but I want to see the new hair. In a photo. PERIOD. BLONDIE, that's what's on my mind right now. Unveil yourself!


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