Monday, October 17, 2011

stay-at-home mom
i'd be an utter & total liar if i tried to pretend i sported these shoes all day, i'm requesting you practice a little suspension of disbelief where said shoes are concerned. and i think you'll giggle when i tell you about the bubble gum pink shorts i'm wearing.
really, i just wanted to talk about the fact that lately, i want to wear the same top every single day. no, i haven't succumb to stay-at-home-mom-i-don't-care-anymore frumpiness. nope, aforementioned top is just that bad ass. oversized and cozy, yes. but in a bold python print with structured stand collar and a chic swingy shape + pockets = #love.
but then, unexpected accessories started playing into my silly little photo shoot. so... i went with it.
the top = zara.
the shorts = kids size champion "sport" shorts from target. the corset-back heels = betsey johnson. the shades = marc jacobs. the mask = pulcinella, a venetian carnevale character, the baby = my very best accessory, the famous baby L. happy monday, loveys!


  1. omg, the baby is sooo cute! :) congrats!

  2. thank you! he is love.


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