Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing dress-up
the german walked into our guest bedroom and called out to me "what IS this?" he was referring to an entire outfit i laid out on the bed, right down to the boots and socks and... "oh just an outfit i picked out..."
boys don't quite get it. if i don't start finding a reason to put some real clothes on i might end up in a straight jacket instead. don't say i didn't warn you...
well, L fell asleep on the ride home from starbucks. so i dashed inside & super quietly! threw on the look from the bed with... a halloweeny twist. ;-)
mad props to the german for the wee little camera remote control he randomly purchased off amazon, it came in handy today!
the look.
oh how my high school self would've loved this. black wings especially.
top- zara
skirt- ancient max studio
belt- got in london 100 years ago
socks- urban outfitters
boots- eeeek, report signature? old & i've forgotten. let me get back to you.(ugh, am so hollywood red carpet idiot! L's on my lap, no can do right now.)
wings- party city
p.s. i leave you with ministry's everyday is halloween. revel in it.

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