Sunday, October 23, 2011

do forgive me for arriving so late, i mean well, i do. and who knows, perhaps you've arrived late too. and if that's the case, catch up in the revelry with me...

rewind to a year ago, plus a few months. you're at lincoln hall, chicago. you're a gross mess, you've been at pitchfork all day. but, bear in heaven's playing an after party, you gotta be there. they play this. you dig it. hard. you know it's not theirs. you know all their stuff. vocalist even says it's a cover. you don't understand when he says who's it is. you dance. you go home. you forget about it. like a dumb ass. you should kick yourself, it was that good a track.

ok, it's today again, you hear it as you dash through forever 21. you #love it all over again. you, still a dumb ass, don't connect it to that bear in heaven show, but you do take mental note of a few lyrics. it helps that you're sober this time.

you search said lyrics. you find it. on youtube of course. and there it is, being covered by bear in heaven too. BAM! like that, it all comes back.

hear it below. but know, the version i heard today was sung by a dude not a chick and it was sped up some if i recall correctly. help a girl out if you know it or find it, i beg.

anyway, hope you enjoyed the party. in other words. i hope you danced.


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