Friday, October 21, 2011

exotic shine
when i spotted this asian-y kimono-inspired top on hautelook a few weeks ago i felt overwhelmingly compelled to hoard it in yellow as well. damn smart of me, it's such love. the sunny yellow version is begging me hard to top a creamy chiffon & lace skirt, which is going to give off an entirely different aura. i'll try and get that on tomorrow if L allows. right now i'm in a sleek and stunning (ha) black nursing tank & heather grey leggings that have been compromised by a bodily fluid i'll spare you from mentioning. blah. i've digressed horribly... the shorts, well they're short. and shimmery. encrusted in black sequins. shine is going nowhere, loveys. so shine! tip: if you want to wear something some might consider a little overt, offset said item with something quite the opposite. that's what i did here, short shorts offset by a beautiful, flowy blouse. oh & yeah, i'm fully favoring shorts right now. mid-october. what can i say? add tights. spike & rhinestone heels round out this eclectic look. happiest of fridays, talk to me, i'm lonely...

p.s. please check out my article on, am trying to decide if i should continue to contribute as their local fashion trend writer, thoughts?

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