Thursday, October 27, 2011

just like that, guess boots from a couple years ago turned into...
MAY-JUH bad ass fur boots with bold pompoms! thanks to ingenious little elasticized sleeves i recently snatched up. picture all the boots i'll transform! hell, i'll wear 'em with heels, with flip flops, on their own! i'm smitten. hard.

...and then there were the leg warmers. spotted, today, and like moths to a flame, covering my calves within a half hour. hell yeah i'll unapologetically embrace a look i loved as a six year old. they have rainbow lurex thread running through them = #love!it's all coming together... i've hoarded shorts galore all fall (so far) for a reason that was not clear to me 'til now. my head is spinning. so many looks to come. am i alone in this overwhelming j'adore-ness?!

p.s. both scores are steve madden

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