Monday, November 15, 2010

bringing the trouser back
in my own little world. spent an hour and a half trying on pants in my own closet on a laid back sunday afternoon and came to the realization that they're hot. and i'd forgotten. there's something to their clean lines, their tailored nature, their sleek, polished fit. trust. skinny jeans and shiny leggings are my heart. but i am vowing to revisit the pant and reinvent it in my own wardrobe. exhibit A: happened upon this marabou feather scarf with satin tie at the sketchiest of flea markets over the weekend. totally vamped up my pale blue trousers. love.

nitzer ebb in photos
i last saw nitzer ebb when they toured with depeche mode for violator. i was in junior high. and i was SHOCKED. what the hell was this music? banging, beats, shouts. erratic, yet rhythmic. who was this guy flailing around energetically, with a powerful, sometimes menacing voice? i loved it. instantly. fasssssst forward to this past saturday night. i was seeing them again. gone were their baggy shorts, t-shirts and trainers, douglas mccarthy's wildly curly locks (i did know this about douglas as i saw him as 1/2 of fixmer/mccarthy a year or two ago). replaced with dapper newsboy caps (on bon harris), suspenders with trousers (on jason payne), mccarthy in an insanely well-fitting suit. but not gone: that bloody energy. the banging, the beats, the cacophony of industrial brilliance that grabs you, pulls you in, implodes you, causing involuntary stomping & frenetic dancing. the vibration from the speaker beside me compounded the experience. that & grand central's LED screen. and actually, seeing nitzer ebb again has made me rock-bottom sad. there's just not new sound out there that comes close to theirs. raw, jarring, beat-driven electronic with pulsating percussion that dominates the atmosphere. there's not. you won't convince me otherwise.
highlights for me are likely obvious: hearts & minds, let your body learn, murderous, control i'm here, blood money, join in the chant... oh, all of it!
i did manage to snap a few cellphone photos amidst the bad a$$-ness, crumpled set list courtesy of grand central's facebook page.

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