Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how about a random little collection of sounds i've been tripped up on recent days & why:
Starfield- The New Division
i just love it. beautiful. atmospheric, like literally, you might picture the sky, crickets, waves, listen...

A Little Respect - Erasure (listen via
because andy bell was spotted at the robyn show in tampa, fl this past monday by one friend and DJed someplace in manhattan last night where another friend was in attendance, erasure's just on the brain.
The One - The Radio Dept. (download it via
O.M.Beats! and a seriously lovely & nostalgic vibe. and why ever is this track so short i want more more more...#love.
Bikini - 04 (listen via
a fuzzy, youthful anthem full of layers, chanting, heartfelt melodies—you'll dance to it as much as you reflect to it.
Fun to be had - Nitzer Ebb
1st time i saw nitzer ebb i was 13, they were opening for depeche mode on the world violation tour. i got a beer spilled on me. i fell in love with industrial music. am seeing them again this saturday in miami and well, there's mad fun to be had, loveys.
Ghost in my head - Niva
this track is like a dream you don't really want to wake up from. and yet, it still makes you a little melancholy. there are underlying beats that remind me of london jungle music in the mid '90s. and who doesn't have a ghost or two in their heads?
happy listening!

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