Monday, November 08, 2010

catching up with sunlovey forever
yeah it's been a minute since i've posted. here's what's been on...
eeek, i actually wore this diagonal sequin-stripe lace print tunic on it's own a few months ago. holy what the HECK was i thinking? much better with my boston proper ponté legging and ancient granny military boots from nordstrom.
kids, THIS is my favorite cardigan under the sun, acquired at the boston rugby store. i dig how the combination red/white stripes against blue remind me of a union jack. my imagination led me to pair it with a red-lined leopard sheath dress. annnnnd, my utmost fave brown victorian boots. a sparkling scarf made the look all the more eclectic.
i wore this mini-dress in september when it was still blazing outside. to celebrate our recent "cool" front i tossed my shaggy black faux fur vest (recently snagged at filine's in boston) on over it, pulled on cobalt blue tights and my major fringe boots. i figured the fringe and the shag would balance out proportions. and turn heads. am still dressing like a nick cage sound suit lately, i can't help it.

Starfield- The New Division
The One - The Radio Dept.
A Little Respect - Erasure
Ghost in my head - Niva
04 - Bikini
Fun to be had - Nitzer Ebb

vegetarian shepherd's pie
michelle bernstein's oceanfront restaurant @ the omphoy

whole crisp bronzini served with wilting greens, crushed fingerling potatoes and charmoula

boston, cambridge & salem
and yeah, i'm still not in a place to tell you more about that. but i endeavor to...


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  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Never a surprise, fashionable every day ! You look great.


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