Sunday, September 18, 2011

she said to me, just a couple months before she left this world, "sarah, you are going to miss getting dressed." she was referring to how my life would change once L arrived. HOly! she, per usual, was so right.
there's the time factor–putting together fun looks is a luxury i've not been afforded in the last six weeks. there's a why bother factor–just this morning i've been peed on & spit up on, who wants to be wearing something cute for that?
and there's an access factor–baby L is in charge & when he wants to eat, he gets to eat, thus, most of my wardrobe doesn't work. i won't go into too much detail here on that, perhaps i will on we created a monster. spare my sunlovey readers too many gory details. ;-)
anyway... fall shopping has commenced, despite all odds & challenges.
i told her i would do my very utmost best to still "get dressed", that she would see.
love you, mom. so wish you could...


photo: liam & i at lantana beach, me in an old forever 21 dress–no shoes, no accessories. he, in a plain white carter's onesie. #love

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    yes, I hear you on of all it. Love to you ......
    Love Melissa


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