Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It was a blazing hot south Florida summer day. Baby L & I were restless. So off to Wellington mall we ventured. Now you must know, baby L was born in a labor & delivery suite overlooking this very mall so I'm quite sure it's already near and dear to his heart. Ooops! I've digressed. So yes, we arrived at the mall and began strolling about. Funny, that term takes on new meaning when you're pushing a stroller about as you do it! He had finally gone from five-alarm screaming to peaceful zzz-ing when these insane zebra peep-toes caught my eye from the window of a shoe store I'd never considered entering, until right then.
I was greeted by a kind older man, and me just being me, within seconds, couldn't help but ask, "Where are you from?" (Note: this very question led me to meeting The German, in a nightclub, 1000 years ago.) I utter it without fail every single time I encounter an accent. This gentleman hesitated, as most do from his region, then said "I'm Palestinian."
"Ah! I just love Middle Eastern food!," I rambled on. We spoke of my travels, our favorite dishes and so forth, as I tried on the shoes I'd seen in the window. Instant #love. Yet, as I quickly scanned their box and the entire boutique, I saw no price tags, "How much?"
"Everything in the store is $39. But for you, $25."
Moral of the story, chit chat and get to know the sales people at non-chain boutiques & stores, you learn cool things and just might snag a sick deal. Just you wait, I'm going to rock the hell out of these peep-toes.

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  1. I'll be in heels like this again.
    in the mean time i just look at them with major fondness.
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