Monday, November 28, 2011

'tis the season i literally cover my eyes from seeing things i myself crave acquiring for myself... i do this in lieu of #YAY!, acquiring awesomeness for others, i blame my dad for this wee slip up... it was #BlackFriday & he sent me in ann taylor loft to pick out a sweater for myself from him for christmas (damn, i'm sounding more selfish by the second. must fix!).

he is doing his very best to carry on my precious mom's christmas tradition—a cozy sweater, warm PJs and an enriching book for us kids. and he thought it best i choose my own sweater in light of my particular-ness. sweet dad.

he thoughtfully got in the massive line winding its way around the store as i roamed every nook & cranny for my christmas sweater. once i finally found "IT" i joined him in line and mistakingly spotted the above antique-look bracelet, shimmering and sparkling its way into my hand and on to my wrist.

yep, the sales lady scanned it there when she rung me up. damn all those little goodies wise stores put surrounding their check out areas. 'twas too fab to pass up. especially with a sneaky lure like 50% off the entire store that day 'til noon! (same sale happening right now online i see, bloody hell, NOT letting myself buy this cookie monster awesomeness, hmm why wasn't it in store?!)

yeah, no more wandering into stores that contain merch i might dig. guess that leaves auto parts stores... #grrr. is this as hard for you as it is for me?

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