Monday, September 13, 2010

imagine my horror when the first several #NYFW spring '11 show recaps i sought out offered a vast desert of staid neutrals & whites. i clicked on twitpic & plixi photo after photo of zzzz-ness.

the guilty ones...
alexander wang. white white white white white, wee little hint of orange, hint of yellow, white white white.
BCBG max azria. white white white white white, ok, pale greyish blue, nude, yellow, black, but man, look at all the white?!
behnaz sarafpour. ah, denim, white white white white, grey, white, nude.
derek lam. denim, denim, denim, white, grey, beige, yay! a couple prints, annnnd, white.
preen. isn't white like the nonexistence of color? beige? grey? minimalist & sedate, through out.

it's spring, for godsake, blank palettes and drab don't equate a season surrounding blooming rebirth! am certain there was distinctive construction
of garments. beautiful understated details but a sea of blah bland neutrals just makes me sad.

but, fear not fellow color-adoring loveys. there is hope for spring '11. i've not spent the hours i will combing through all the collections, but these three have POPPED for me, instantly.

malandrino. WHAM BAM COLOR & PRINT MA'AM! exotic multi-hued prints,
a sea of blue, pops of pink and coral. this collection made
me crave spring things from far off lands to come.
peter som. i love you. and i think you love me. you get it. THIS is spring. fresh, flirty fashion a girl will shed her winter coat for.
marc jacobs. you too are love. retro diva springtime in the city. rich, rich, colors, chiffon, bold bows & flounce, femme fatale exaggerated structure, yes i've strayed from color alone. i divulge my gushing unrequited crush on that man of many mismatched tattoos.
stay on the edge of your seat for more color, loveys. because it's out there. shun what is blah.

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