Wednesday, January 04, 2012

rarely do i feel that it's my accessories that MAKE the look. heck, not sure i'd even call today's look a look anyway. it's cold out and a girl has to run errands with le bebe in tow. i would have definitely worn this to work, on a slept a little late kind of day. + 3"-4" of height in the boot department.

i've digressed. point i wanted to make is, my dad got me the fabulously soft and vivid scarf that i'm wearing today when he was in DC, he thinks it's from Tibet. It perfectly complements my hue corduroy leggings.

and... the bag i got by exchanging a bag i told the german (who did try!), looked like a bag mariah carey might carry. mariah carey is cool. this is not me dissing her. this is me saying she and i don't have the same taste. period. thank you, german. next time, when it doubt, go with anything blue. and shoot for silver or antiqued hardware. love ya.

long ruched sweater is a mad comfy cashmere blend from good old VS, last year. rocket dog boots, bittersweet—they were my dear mom's. faux shearling lined and crazy cozy.
oh & shades = forever 21.

stay warm.
and bright.

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