Monday, January 23, 2012

Creating Wall Scapes The time it would take to bang out an outfit post is directly proportionate to a decor one. And so my shift in focus manifests itself here. Nothing shocking. I'm at bloody home a lot these days & ever tweaking my surroundings. This wee post alone is going to light a fire under my fashiony a$$, though. I'll get dressed and i'll snap pics soon, I promise. But in the meantime... I dressed my wall. This scape exists just above the desk that was my mom's...

I tend to accumulate 5-8 small objects that feeeeel good surrounding one another over time to finally create my wall scape. sometimes i'll hang one tiny item alone on the wall and think of it from time to time when i'm out & about, eventually acquiring additional pieces to cluster together around it.

think: wall sconces, photo frames, small shelves, petite wall clocks, ornate little mirrors, architectural scrolls, dainty little beaded purses with chain straps you can hang them from, alphabet letters, etc. etc. and more etc.

when it comes to those photo frames, fill them with art, a postcard, a swatch of fabric, your own sketch or handwritten poem...

amass your scape pieces, grab some nails, a hammer & a pen to mark where you'll hang each item, voila!

blank walls are boring.
get scaping.


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