Wednesday, April 11, 2012

one last post...
before i kiss rojo adios.
truth be told, i do think blondes have more fun.
(no offense redheads!!!)
however, i was blonde pre-L.
so we'll see...
anyhow, it's an endless summer where sunlovey lives.
so a glittery tank and sweet plaid shorts are so right.
sparkly blooms on my shoes begged for a bloom-esque necklace.
love to you all!
see you on the other side.
probably a shade of strawberry first, then eventually PLATINUM AGAIN.


  1. Love your characteristic flare! You're such and always have been the little fashion diva! How do you take these pics? Do you have a German photographer? ..or is one of your accessories remotely electronic?

  2. thank you, dear jamey! no photog.


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